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Your subscription covers admin & website costs. It also finances the outreach work of the METTA Fellowship: working with Community Support Groups; Prisons; Homeless; Mental Health; Rehabilitation; etc. The purpose of METTA Fellowship is to provide free deep healing for those who cannot afford to pay, while providing a modest income for the therapists.

There is a METTA ON-LINE DIRECTORY Facebook page and links from Mind, Body, Spirit Sussex Festival and METTA Community sites and pages.



Therapists - Healers - Traders - Readers - Centres - Groups/Organisations/Societies - anyone involved in health and wellbeing. Invitations to join are open to anyone living/working in Sussex. Application forms will be sent out on request.

 What you will get: Name; brief description of what you offer; link to your website; contact details; location; image

METTA on-line DIRECTORY - Sussex

Who can join?

Directory Subscription for Individuals

- £3 a month D/D - £36 a year D/D

Directory Subscription for centres/groups/organisations

 - £9 a month D/D - £108 a year D/D

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