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Your subscription covers admin & website costs. It also finances the outreach work of the METTA FELLOWSHIP: working with Community Support Groups; Prisons; Homeless; Mental Health; Rehabilitation; etc.             

The purpose of METTA FELLOWSHIP is to provide free deep healing for those who cannot afford to pay, while providing a modest income for the therapists.                                                                                          

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Who can join?  Therapists - Healers - Traders - Readers - Centres - Groups - Organisations - Societies - anyone involved in health and wellbeing. Invitations to join are open to anyone living/working in Sussex.

Please fill in your form electronically and email to

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Directory Subscription for Individuals - £3 a month D/D - £36 a year D/D

Directory Subscription for Centres/Groups/Organisations/Societies -

£9 a month D/D - £108 a year D/D

Please supply photographic proof of first payment and D/D set up. Thank you.

Bank details for transfer or D/D.... Metta Fellowship and Directory.... Lloyds Bank Acc. No. 74910260. Sort Code 30-98-97

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"We have no power or right to take away someone else's suffering. All you can be is an environment spacious enough for them to let go of their suffering - if they are ready" Ram Das