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Ali Deva Sono (McNab) - Golden Alchemy - Energy Healing - Deep healing for people & their animals.

Ali is an experienced energy healer & visionary artist.  She intuitively merges different energy healing systems  during your one-to-one session/group session …

She uses Enquiry Techniques to connect you with the issue at the Root Cause; followed by Gong Vibrational Sound Healing  to transform the trapped energy around the issue; enhanced by Chakra Balancing Colour & Crystal Therapy;  and stimulating your healing connection with Gaia.

She helps you connect with your support ‘Team’ who are there for you 24/7. She introduces you to Conscious Touch Imprinting, Body Dowsing  &  other self-help tools.

All of this in the colourful and magical space of the  Wivelsfield Yurt and Paradise Gardens. Life transforming.

The investment for a session is £20 - £80 You choose what you can afford.



Text: 07769269066. Email:

Location: Wivelsfield Green; over Skype/Facebook video/Whatsapp video


Ali Deva Sono - McNab -  Golden Alchemy - Energy Healing

Ruth Mougharbel - Reiki therapist/healer - Gongs for Life

Reiki - A one hour  hands-on  high  vibrational healing technique that works on the body, mind, emotions and the aura of the receiver using sacred symbols. the high vibrational Reiki healing energy stimulates and accelerates the body's own natural healing ability.

Reiki Drum Healer - A 30 min drumming session with the receiver lying fully clothed on a therapy bed. The drumming opens up the chakra centres bringing balance and harmony back into the body.

One on One Gong Therapy - 30 minutes.  The high vibrational frequency of the gong brings balance and harmony back into the body through the process of entrainment. The issue is addressed by holding the thought in the receiver and healer's mind, The Gong is played  with the intention of releasing the issue. The Gong is played facing the receiver sitting in a chair or alternately lying down on a mat.

£45 Reiki. £30 Reiki drumming. £30 Gong one on one

Instagram -      gongs_for_life


Email: - Tel: 07796044921

Location: Steyning, West Sussex

Gongs for Life

Aoife Brown - Sound Healer and Emotion Code - Holistic Sound

I am an Emotion Code Practitioner. I identify and release the clients trapped negative emotions (“emotional baggage”), leading to great improvements in health and emotional well-being on all levels. This therapy is suitable for children and adults and can be carried out in-person or distantly.

I am also a qualified Sound Therapy Practitioner and hold qualifications in Sacred Drumming, Tuning Forks, and Metamorphic Technique.

I hold the client space with integrity and respect and create a loving environment where the healing can come through both myself and my sound tools. This allows direct transformation and a peaceful journeying back to wholeness.



Email: - Tel: 07704 539394 .…

Location: Plumpton green, Lewes, East Sussex.

Holistic Sound

Rheumatoid Recovery